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Hydrapneu trading as Mobile Energy Australia
Hydrapneu trading as Mobile Energy Australia


EZ Connector

EZ Connector's patented EZ Universal 7-Pin Heavy Duty Plug (EZ-U7PHD) is the first plug/socket combination of its kind on the market, and is ideal for a variety of recreational, non-commercial and commercial applications, including boating, farming, RV, trucking and other activities.

Designed with ease-of-use and reliability in mind, the EZ Connector improves the reliability of the vehicle,trailer connection.

Compared to the electrical connections within today's traditional pin/socket plugs, the EZ Connector uses spring-loaded face-to-face contacts, ensuring both faultless and safe connections. And, because the EZ Connector is double O-ring sealed whether in use or not, it is always clean, waterproof and corrosion free.

In addition, because it is magnetically held together, in the event of accidental disconnection, there is no damage to the plug, socket or cable.   

EZ Connector

EZ Connector Video

 EZ Connector Cycling Video  

EZ Connector - Waterproof


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